Kara Lynn Noto
Kara Lynn Noto is a MoJo (mobile journalist), trophy wife, dog mom, internet junkie and former Detroiter.
Born and raised in SE Michigan, Kara grew up wanting to be a dinosaur and then professional equestrian before enrolling in nursing school. After a semester, she realized she had more fun in her writing courses than in bio-chem.  Upon graduating from the Oakland University Journalism program and realizing her dreams of being a community beat reporter were about as likely as a resurgence in print readership, Kara hopped, skipped and wrote her way around small business and economic development programs, starting digital marketing initiatives back when MySpace was cool and Twitter didn't exist (so like, three years ago). In 2009 she married her dream dude and best friend. After he was accepted into the Coast Guard as an attorney, Kara, dream dude and their ridiculously cute dog moved to Virginia and settled in Alexandria, lured by its Old Town charm.  When she's not writing for Patch, Kara can be found in a museum (of almost any kind), obsessing over her retweets and studying the finer points of crock pot cooking. 
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