ACPS Officially Has a New School Board

Several new Alexandria City Public Schools board members were sworn-in Wednesday evening, along with two re-elected members.

A swearing-in ceremony took place Wednesday evening for incoming school board members Kelly Carmichael Booz, William (Bill) Campbell, Karen Graf, Patricia-Ann (Pat) Hennig, Stephanie Kapsis, Justin Keating and Christopher (Chris) Lewis, along with re-elected members Marc Williams and Ronnie Campbell.

Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins officiated the event at the Minnie Howard campus of T.C. Williams High School.

Mayor Bill Euille congratulated the new board members, saying there are challenges ahead. (See attached video.)

The ceremony was followed by a Alexandria City School Board meeting. At that meeting, Karen Graf of District A was elected School Board chairwoman and Justin Keating of District B was elected vice chair.

NoBS January 03, 2013 at 02:35 PM
Y'all missed the show! Marc Williams had a wee toddler hissy fit because nobody likes him! Some thought he would nominate himself for chair but he didn't because no on would have seconded him. He gave a prepared speech about how the new board's choice for chair was clear but he hoped they would all follow the direction he had set with Sherman the past term. Later, there was a procedural vote on a date change for some meeting or what not. It was discussed at the December meeting but not voted on. Karen raised it for a vote. Marc protested there had not been time for citizen input, which was total BS. He went on and on about how the board should not start their new term without being sensitive to citizen input, blah blah blah. This was a date change vote with no budgetary or other significant impact. It was a bunch of grandstanding. Marc just embarassed himself. He needs to realize that almost no one likes Superintendant Sherman's "reforms" which are really just shenanigans to promote Sherman.


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