Moran Praises Potomac Yard Transit Grant

Department of Transportation grant totals almost $1 million

U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th) released a statement Tuesday praising the announcement of a Department of Transportation grant totaling almost $1 million to be used toward the ongoing Crystal City-Potomac Yard rapid transit bus project.

The funding will go toward the design and construction of station upgrades.

“Our public transportation must keep pace with the growing ridership along Route 1,” Moran said in a statement. “Today’s funding is a welcome investment. Better public transit connecting communities along the Route 1 corridor helps attract new businesses to Northern Virginia and maintains the region’s commitment to environmentally-friendly transportation solutions.”

The upgrades will provide more efficient high-capacity bus routes from the Pentagon to Potomac Yard. The transportation design includes bus-only lanes, improvements to stops and new routes to run buses every 6 minutes during peak hours.

According to the release, Moran has worked to secure more than $10 million for the Crystal City-Potomac Yard transit project since 2002.

Moran met with the Del Ray Business Association on Monday to discuss the economy and other matters. We'll have a story on his visit posted soon.

Garytheprinter October 26, 2011 at 05:48 PM
Potomac Yards........Was this where Jack Kent Cooke wanted to build the Redskins Stadium and the local homeowners cried foul and they didn't want all that traffic in this area???? It this not the spot that Jack was told he would have to remove 9 feet of topsoil because of the old trains had leaked so much fuel that the soil was contaminated. Let see now there is more traffic than ever in this area....No soil was removed to build the shopping center on top of the old Potomac Yards. If my Grandfather was alive he would tell you how bad the soil is/was. He worked as a knuckler there for 12 years and 20 years in the assembly tower. My other Grandfather work at Mutual Ice Company that supplied the train boxcars with Ice before refrigeration, just south of the Monroe Avenue bridge.


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