Krupicka to Run for Englin's Seat in House of Delegates

Current Alexandria city council member Rob Krupicka announced his intentions Tuesday.

Alexandria City Councilman Rob Krupicka said Tuesday he will run for the 45th District seat in the House of Delegates that Del. David Englin is leaving at the end of his current term, the Washington Post reported.

On Monday night, . The four-time delegate admitted to an extramarital affair and said he needs to focus on his marriage and his family.

Krupicka, first elected to council in 2003, ran a failed bid for Virginia State Senate in 2011. He finished second to Adam Ebbin in a heated three-way Democratic primary that also included newly elected Arlington County Board member Libby Garvey.

in that race in June 2011. At the time, Englin said, "Rob Krupicka has the ideas and the energy to stand up to [Attorney General] Ken Cuccinelli's wars on climate science, health care reform, immigrants and gay and lesbian families. Rob has demonstrated over the years and during the course of this campaign a commitment to grassroots Democratic politics, empowering regular people to join together and make change."

Krupicka is also a member of the State Board of Education.  

JohnFitzgerald June 23, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Has anyone asked "Team Englin" what role if any they had in the 11th hour hit job on fellow dem Boyd walker? Didn't Danny Barefoot, Houlihan's spouse/partner work for Englin Consulting? We have the Englin resignation, walker hit job, krupicka's reversal and announcement, Gail taking the blame for the hit job, and ADC playing the role of Pontus Pilot... We have got to connect the dots to provide the voters with a clear picture of what is really going on here... Did Englin really need to resign over his affair(s)? Or was that some sort of a plea deal or back room agreement. The truth must be told...
Jim Miller June 23, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Gail, good points regarding Rob Krupicka, indeed. Thanks for sharing some issues that you've had to deal with in the past couple of years in which Rob was a true friend, and I emphasize 'friend' here, because that's what people do who are caring about what's going on in their electorate. Hey, I for one think that Rob is a genuine nice guy, and I have never disputed that fact. But each of us have a measuring stick as to how someone running for office is most electable. In the case of Rob, yes, you have given some great examples of how the Alexandria Democratic Committee, as feckless and inept in their leadership as can be, left you hanging out in the wind after the Boyd Walker PAC fiasco. Like I have said before, now you know who your true friends are and Rob looks like he came through for you, and I'll even give him props for that. But I also feel that Karen brings some intangibles that Rob doesn't. First, she's a woman, and as a woman, she can address many issues regarding women on a direct personal level that Rob can not do. Secondly, Karen probably, and this is a pure guess on my part, but she probably has more of an overall appeal to progressive liberal Democrats throughout the 45th than Rob has, too. I happen to feel that more progressive liberal Democratic women need to be elected to the General Assembly, and I know that there are many Democrats throughout the 45th that share my view, as well. I just think that Karen will actually be a better delegate than Rob, overall.
Jim Miller June 23, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Yes, we have come to find out, that David Englin is the 'Tiger Woods' of local area politics, but all that being set aside, at least he manned up and stated that he had cheated on Shayna, as publicly difficult as that may have been for him. David Englin's political career is now over. And thankfully so is Shayna, who truly came out as one of the most nasty, negative, cut throat 'political consultants' that Democrats in our area have seen in quite some time. I don't know what gopher hole Shayna crawled out of, but it's time for her to jump back in it and go away, with David, and try to patch up their fractured lives, now pitched with both political and personal embarrassment for both, while they also have a son to raise, as well. Karen Gautney is most certainly the right person, at the right time, to come forward to represent the 45th District. She can and will be a strong voice for everyone throughout the 45th and I think that progressive liberal Democrats should all rally behind her to support her growing campaign. The job of being a delegate is not 'gender-based', by any means, but in this case, Karen brings more to the table than Rob ever can, by addressing issues pertaining to women, directly, across the board, and she probably has a much broader appeal for progressive liberal Democrats that Rob could ever hope to have for his campaign. Women, as voters, outnumber men considerably, and I think that Karen will start to have a great groundswell from them to support her.
Jim Miller June 23, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Gail, in regards to the whole BRAC-133 fiasco that Rob won't man up to being involved with, the building is only about a third of its capacity, so while there are only slight traffic tie ups now, there will be more traffic as a result of the building being there in the future. Hey, the whole BRAC-133 disaster, is not solely Rob's fault, because Alexandria voters know that he had Tim Lovain, Justin Wilson, Del Pepper, Paul Smedberg, and Bill Euille, all who were seemingly asleep at the wheel when it comes to city planning. That's why I feel that we need a completely fresh slate of Democrats to reclaim and readjust Alexandria City Hall, and the only candidates that I'm supporting, who will get my vote this November, are Silberberg, Chapman, and Frank Fannon. I won't waste my other three votes to vote for any of the other stooges on the ballot from the Democrat slate.
Neal Learner June 23, 2012 at 02:30 PM
BRAC is just one example of the over-development madness in this city. Wait until the Borg-like development in Potomac Yards, and along Route 1 and Braddock Metro are finished. And then we have the waterfront development to look forward to...Do our city leaders really want Alexandria to become another Rosslyn or National Harbor. It appears our city leaders have never encountered a project that they could say no to (BTW: has anyone ever checked to see if our mayor or councilmembers have in any way personally benefited from this development?). But the sad thing is, every candidate I voted for in the primary who would have opposed the development was defeated...what does that say about us as voters?


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