Updated: Governor Announces Special Election Will Be Sept. 4

Republican and Democratic parties must hold a canvass to nominate their candidates by Aug. 4.

Gov. Bob McDonnell has set Sept. 4 as the date for the special election to fill the seat of Del. David Englin, from the Virginia House of Delegates effective Aug. 31.

The special election will also fill the seat of the late Sen. Yvonne Miller (D-5th), who passed away July 3.

McDonnell said Englin "has served his district ably since 2006," adding that holding these elections Sept. 4 "will allow for the citizens of these districts to have full representation and give the new Senator and Delegate time to fully prepare for the 2013 legislative session."

Having the special election in September will allow for a subsequent special election if it's deemed necessary after the Senate election, McDonnell said.

Holding the special election in September is "a horrendous waste of tax payer dollars,” Alexandria Democratic Committee Chairman Dak Hardwick told Patch. "The governor is going to cost the city another $30,000 to $40,000 to have this election when it could have been part of the ballot on Nov. 6."

The governor will not issue the writ of election until July 30 in order to give political parties time to prepare for the nomination process. After the writ is issued, parties will have five days to nominate a candidate.

The 45th District Democratic and Republican parties will hold their own nominating process, which must be completed by Aug. 4, according to Anna Leider of the Alexandria .

Democrats  and  are running for the 45th District seat.

"We are surprised at the date," Gautney told Patch. "We had expected the special election to be held in November. We thought that made sense. ... I’m disappointed this is going to cost taxpayers more money. But we’ve been going full steam now for a few weeks reaching out and contacting voters."

"In politics, you always have to be prepared for surprises. We are prepared for anything,” Krupicka told Patch on Wednesday afternoon, adding that he was glad McDonnell finally made his decision but was “frustrated that the governor would choose a more expensive option…when there are a lot of other things in the state we should focus spending money on.”

Tom Fulton, chairman of the Alexandria Republican City Committee, said he did not know of any Republican candidates for the 45th District. He planned on getting together soon with his counterparts from Arlington and Fairfax counties to put together the nominating procedures should someone come forward.

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Jim Miller July 27, 2012 at 07:37 PM
I wonder if Scott Gordon still has a chance to throw his hat in the ring, as a Republican, to run against Rob and Karen. Anyone have any idea if Scott can still do it?
NoBS July 27, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Jim - I think he can - it's up to the Republican Committee rules. They decide the nominating procedure for put up an R candidate.
Drew Hansen July 27, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Scott Gordon resigned from the Alexandria Republican City Committee when he dropped out of the council race.
Jim Miller July 28, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Gail, that's true, and the fact that David & Shayna Englin have endorsed her probably has probably, unfortunately, doomed her campaign and her effort to win. I do think though, that Karen would be a much more stronger liberal and progressive delegate than Rob. Karen would also be a better representative and advocate for women's issues in the General Assembly, as well, a body of which women are severely underrepresented in both the House of Delegates and Senate. Karen should be the delegate to represent the 45th.
Jim Miller July 28, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Sounds like Doctor Scott Gordon can most certainly run as an independent, then! Hey, the good doctor probably did himself a great favor by dissing the Alexandria Republican City Committee, anyways, because they are not a very strong political entity in the City of Alexandria. The good doctor had issues with the fact that the ARCC would both endorse and support Alicia Hughes' reelection campaign, which most people should agree with him on that count. I really don't understand, with all of her troubles and tribulations, why Alicia wants to embarrass herself, even more, while she continues to embarrass Alexandria. She should know that she'll never win, and quite frankly, she'll probably come in dead last on the ballot in November. Alicia should do the right thing and announce that she is going to get treatment, for time management, and that she won't seek reelection for her seat on the Alexandria City Council. Now that's where Scott Gordon, who could run as an independent, could come in and save the day! With Alicia out, and Scott in, the humor factor would absolutely multiply by 100, with the way Scott talks to people, and how he comports himself in public. Sure, the good doctor would never ever win any election that he ran for in Alexandria (or anywhere, for that matter), but it would be well worth the laughs, for people to help fund his campaign. Let's rally to get Scott Brown in this race. It's way, way, way too boring without him! Doctor Scott Brown in 2012!


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