Daily Key Membership Now Available from Capital Bikeshare

The new membership option is targeted at occasional riders to give them quicker access to bikes at stations.

A Daily Key membership is now available from Capital Bikeshare, allowing occasional users to use stations quicker and easier than the current day pass allows. Now infrequent riders can purchase a $10 key, which will include one one-day membership, and each additional day the key is used the user will be charged $7.

The goal is to remove obstacles to use, according to a press release from Capital Bikeshare.

Until now, only monthly and annual members could use a key to gain access to a bike. Daily users had to use a credit card through a station kiosk to rent a bike.

The Daily Key allows daily users to access a bike with a key that is linked to an existing account and payment method.

Additionally, Bikeshare has removed the standard $101 authorization hold that is usually applied to short-term membership purchases.

"The Daily Key option is designed to reduce barriers to use, making Capital Bikeshare a more viable option for those using the system on an occasional basis, whether living locally or visiting the region frequently," according to the press release.

The new option is in part a celebration of the 4 millionth trip taken on a Bikeshare bike, which happened April 24.

Bikeshare is currently available throughout the District and in parts of Arlington and Alexandria. Bikeshare just announced that it will expand to Maryland, adding an 200 bikes at 29 stations in Montgomery County.

Alexandria is planning to expand its eight-station Old Town network into Del Ray and Carlyle. 

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Memberships can be purchased online at www.capitalbikeshare.com. The prices range as follow: 24-hour $7, 3-day $15, Daily Key $10 + $7/day, Monthly $25, Annual $75, Annual with Monthly Installments $84 (12 monthly payments of $7).

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