Update: Police Officer Shot in Old Town Alexandria

A man driving an Alexandria Yellow Cab minivan shot an Alexandria police officer during a routine traffic stop near Wilkes and St. Asaph streets, according to police officials.

A City of Alexandria police officer is in critical condition tonight at MedStar Washington Hospital Center following a shooting. Below are live updates from this afternoon as events unfolded.

Update 3:14 p.m. — The City of Alexandria issued a news release:

"Today, at 11:44 a.m., an officer with the Alexandria Police Department issued a look out for a yellow cab regarding a minor offense.  Almost immediately, a Motor Unit officer spotted the suspect vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  Shortly after, the Department of Emergency Communications began receiving 911 calls for an officer down. The officer was flown to Medstar Washington Hospital Center with life-threatening injuries. A look out was issued for a yellow cab minivan.

"A patrol officer spotted the vehicle heading Southbound on Washington Street and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The suspect vehicle sped off.  A pursuit ensued into Fairfax County where the Fairfax County Police Department took over. The suspect vehicle ultimately crashed at Fort Hunt Road and Bellevue Boulevard. The driver was taken into custody. Fairfax County Police are handling the accident scene.

"The investigation has revealed that the officer was shot and is listed in critical condition."

— — — —

Update 2:55 p.m. — Alexandria Yellow Cab General Manager Kyle Summers told Patch that neither of the two drivers assigned to the cab involved in the incident was working at that time. However, it's not clear if one of those employees was driving the cab.

NBC Washington is reporting that the injured police officer was shot.

— — — —

An Alexandria police officer was seriously injured Wednesday morning when he was riding his motorcycle, stopped a cab and someone shot him, according to police.

The officer was injured near the intersection of Wilkes and St. Asaph streets in Old Town near Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy, police said.

The cab driver led other Alexandria police on a chase to Fort Hunt Road where the car crashed and the driver was arrested, reports NBCWashington.com.

The incident started out as a traffic pursuit in the City of Alexandria, Don Gotthardt, Fairfax County Police Department police spokesman, told Greater Alexandria Patch. The crash occurred at approximately 12:08 p.m. Wednesday.

The suspect is in Fairfax County police custody, Gotthardt said. It's uncertain how long Fort Hunt Road will be closed. Fairfax police are urging motorists to choose an alternate route until the road re-opens.

NBCWashington.com also reports that a bystander was injured with non life-threatening injuries.

Old Town Alexandria Patch Twitter followers reported seeing dozens of police cars racing down Washington Street to get to the scene.

Paul Henson February 28, 2013 at 01:53 PM
"Lets not forget all the people who have lost their lives unjustly because of the police" Bad timing Mr. Mccrae. Your comments are idiotic and insensitive. You know for certain that if you called 911 for help, those officers would be at your doorstop withing a matter of minutes to protect YOU, no questions asked.
jitterbug February 28, 2013 at 02:00 PM
@Mccrae -Why in the world would you make a comment like this you creep? Peter is a good man. He is a neighbor and a GOOD person. His stepson was in my boy's cub scout troop. It's because of good guys like him that we can sleep at night. He puts his life on the line every time he steps outside the door in uniform. You don't even know the man, yet you try to lump him in with the few, VERY few, bad apples in the barrel. Do us a favor and go suck some taxi cab exhaust fumes and keep your inappropriate comments to yourself. Nobody is forgetting the victims of bad cops, but I'd like to forget that trolls like YOU exist in the world.
doug redman February 28, 2013 at 02:30 PM
Shame on you! These men and women are out there to protect all of us...even you. Your comment is inappropriate and indicates a total lack of caring relative to the officer and his family.
NoBS February 28, 2013 at 03:00 PM
I read in WaPo that the suspect had been making women uncomfortable in an Old Town boutique - standing too close, not leaving, etc. That's what he was running from. I guess they called police.
RG May 22, 2013 at 04:49 PM
@Gerald Mccrae Congrats for not being afraid to speak up. Another death at the hand of police. http://delray.patch.com/articles/alexandria-police-interviewing-arlington-sheriff-s-deputy-in-suspicious-death-case Where is all the comments for the thoughts and prayers to the victims family.


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