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My daughter loves getting mail. She stands at the door, dancing in place, waiting for me to hand her anything that is for her. Since she is just 4, the likelihood that she is receiving anything is slim. But she hopes.

Normally I will hand her a catalog. If it is a really great day, the American Girl catalog will have arrived. She will spend hours flipping through the pages, circling things she hopes for and writing her name in blue marker next to those things she wants for her birthday.

But on the best of days, she receives her High Five magazine, the preschool version of the classic Highlights magazine. High Five is full of short stories, colorful drawings, puzzles, mazes and funny rhymes. She turns each page slowly, her eyes carefully scanning the pages; her favorite is the “That’s Silly!” game. “That’s Silly!” asks her to find all the funny things in the picture that don’t quite belong. She likes to do this puzzle with my husband, competing with him to find the silly things first.

I received Highlights in the mail as a child. I remember the stories and games, and never really though much about the fact that I was actually being challenged by the magazine and learning something. It was just too fun.

According to Amazon.com, some of the most popular magazines for children other are National Geographic for Kids, Highlights High Five, American Girl, Discovery Girl, Sports Illustrated KIDS, MUSE and Ask.

Kellie Meehan June 28, 2011 at 10:38 AM
The magazine series Babybug, Ladybug, and Cricket are amazing and wonderful!


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