Letter to the Editor: Speck Aims to Set the Record Straight

Former Councilman and local PAC member David Speck responds to comments made by Katy Cannady in a recent letter to the editor.

To the Editor:

I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to warrant a , but the quote she refers to was not from me.

It was part of a flyer produced by the that had a sentence about each of the endorsed candidates, and I am part of that PAC…along with Vice Mayor Kerry Donley, Councilman Rob Krupicka, former Councilman Lonnie Rich, former City Manager Vola Lawson, former Housing Authority Chair Melvin Miller and many other civic, political and community leaders.

To just mention me is to do exactly what Katy accuses others of doing and that is to make an issue about the person and not about the substance. Let me assure you that this was not the first attack piece—not by a long shot—against a City Council candidate and in the absence of any  information to the contrary, I take Sean Holihan at his word that he was unaware was being produced.

But if I had been asked (and I was not), I would have advised not to do something like this because it was unnecessary. Anyone with the slightest degree of political acumen could have foretold the outcome of the primary as it related to Boyd Walker and my guess is the flyer was a wash—a few people may have decided to vote against Boyd after reading it and a few people may have decided to vote for him, but its overall impact was negligible.

I have known Katy Canady for a long time, and I have only seen her operate in one gear: Angry. Anything she may write or say that is positive is almost always accompanied by a derogatory or critical comment—usually about someone else.  So, to paraphrase her final statement, I hope her style of politics is not part of Alexandria’s future.

David Speck

NoBS June 20, 2012 at 11:53 AM
John, Rob - I'll save that information, to the extent I know it, for when/if I need it. Silence is power. BTW, not everyone in the ADC is inept. There are good people working to change the old ways. Give us time. It's not easy.
JohnFitzgerald June 21, 2012 at 11:07 AM
I think the ADC and Speck's PAC are making a huge miscalculation by not calling for and conducting a full investigation and accounting of the Walker attack ad. Perhaps I live in a bubble but everyone I have discussed that with are appalled by it whether they are fans of walker or not. Voters need to know who was behind it - period.
NoBS June 21, 2012 at 02:36 PM
John - The ADC has no investigative powers. The ADC cannot investigate a PAC any more than you or I can.
JohnFitzgerald June 22, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Hi Gail - my sense is that the ADC could investigate it if they wanted to. It looks like they just want it to simply go away... Hopefully the media and concerned citizens will expose the truth so come November, voters will know the truth. Ponder this... If one or more of the dems who won in the primary- or the mayor himself, had anything to do with the hit job on fellow democrat Boyd walker, wouldnt you think that could impact the mayoral and council elections if it were exposed???? The conspiracy theorist in me says yes that probably is the case hence the ADC's radio silence on the issue. Let the truth be told. Ms. Gordon it would be a great service to the community if you could disclose now anything you might know about the folks who were behind the PAC and the 11th hour hit job on walker. Mr. Speck doesn't seem to have the stones to call for exposure of the truth but I bet that you and others are stronger than that...
Jim Miller June 23, 2012 at 01:18 AM
Gail, while it may be true that not everyone in the Alexandria Democratic Committee is inept, but overall, that's the perception of many Democrats in Alexandria that I know, who have personally given up on the organization. I also believe now that the problems of leadership with the ADC have been exposed, that there are good people working to try to change the 'good old boy/girl network' that still exists within the organization, even today. I'm quite sure there are people who are completely dumbfounded as to not being aware of the overall mismanagement of the ADC, but the Alexandria Republican City Committee, too, appears to be just as inept. Sadly, both organizations, representing Democrats and Republicans in Alexandria, are run by people who are politically clueless as to the proper way to run a political organization. I will be a progressive liberal Democrat until the day I die, which I would prefer to be a long time from now, and it saddens me to see ADC in such a run-down state. I was also sorry, Gail, to see how the ADC just left you out in the open, on your own, to be publically ridiculed and embarrassed, to the point as to where I believe that Dak Hardwick's silence on the PAC against Boyd Walker is very much setting the tone for the quid pro quo of how terribly run the ADC is today. I understand that Dak Hardwick is a very nice man, but certainly not the person to turn around the ADC and bring it out of its sorry state that it is in today. The ADC is embarrassing!


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