Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Lawhorne on Semonian

Alexandria Sheriff supports Ed Semonian for re-election as clerk of the Circuit Court.

To The Editor:

Originally as a member of Alexandria Police Department, and then as Sheriff of the City of Alexandria, it has been my distinct pleasure to work with Ed Semonian, Alexandria's clerk of the Circuit Court. He and his staff are efficient, professional and courteous as they provide essential services to the citizens of Alexandria.

Over the years—and ahead of most other clerk's offices—Ed transformed the Alexandria office into a mostly paperless, computer-driven, online and customer-friendly experience for all of us. Court dockets and filings are available online and the researching of property records is streamlined.

The clerk's website clearly explains which services require an in-person appearance. Applications for those services—such as marriage licenses and weapons permits—are available for downloading. The applicants can fill them out in advance and bring them in. I see no realistic difference between the existing system and that proposed by Mr. Semonian's opponent.

I am also concerned that his opponent admits that he is proposing initiatives without knowing what they will cost. In these difficult financial times, voters deserve to know how much of their hard-earned money a candidate wants to spend.

Ed Semonian does an excellent job for Alexandria. He does it in a modest way and he seeks to serve, not to receive accolades. Ed Semonian deserves your vote on Nov. 8. Please make the effort to give back to him for all he has done for our city.

Dana Lawhorne
Sheriff, City of Alexandria


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