Full Access to Simpson Stadium Dog Park is Restored

The fences that restricted access to the upper area of the dog park have been removed

is back to its full size.

In February,  as the fences were pushed back and dogs were allowed to roam around the upper bowl of the park. Then, toward the end of April,  so workers could even out the ground and plant grass seed. Until the middle of June, orange mesh fencing lined the area, teasing dogs by giving them glimpses of what they could have.

Actually, “dogs got through pretty regularly,” said one dog owner. Well, regardless, the orange mesh fencing has been removed and the park has returned to its expanded size.

“This space is huge!” remarked Katie, as her dog Lilly roamed around the park finding other dogs to play with. “This dog goes crazy for grass,” so Lilly has been enjoying the new space.

Though the upper area isn’t filled with lush grass, it does look greener than it was before, and certainly more even and less rocky.

However, John Aycoth, a regular to the park with his dogs Arco and Rossi, disagrees and is disappointed. “What was the point of all the work when it almost looks the same,” John said in an email.

And even those that were positive about the recent work to the park are curious how long the quality of the new area will last after some rain and plenty of dogs trampling all over.

“But the dogs like it,” said one owner. “That’s all that matters.”


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