DASH, Metro Riders Generous in Gift Donations

Public transit patrons donated toys in a collection effort for Community Partners for Children at the King Street Metro

DASH bus and Metro riders donated toys for children at the King Street Metro entrance during the last two weeks.

DASH representatives stationed themselves at the Metro entrance, accepting gifts for children and giving out 2GB customized King Street Trolley and DASH USB memory sticks to riders.

Milton Rojas of the Bicycle Pro Shop donated a dozen tricycles to the collection effort.

Alexandria Transit donated hundreds of DASH coloring books and crayons to Community Partners for Children.

“We are very excited about the response we received from our customers and proud to be partners with the CPC in their annual holiday donation drive,” said ATC General Manager Sandy Modell in a statement. “It is a wonderful feeling to give something back to our community, especially during the season of giving.

CPC President Pat Miller, said: “This is amazing. It warms my heart to see so much giving.”


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