Patch Q&A: Bill Euille, Candidate, 8th Congressional District Democratic Primary

Democratic primary is June 10.

Bill Euille is running in the Democratic primary election for the 8th congressional district in Northern Virginia. Photo courtesy of Euille campaign
Bill Euille is running in the Democratic primary election for the 8th congressional district in Northern Virginia. Photo courtesy of Euille campaign
By Sydney Wu

Patch recently sent questions to each of the candidates running in the Democratic primary for the 8th congressional District. The primary election is June 10. There are currently seven candidates in the Democratic primary race. This is the second of the Q&As, with candidate Bill Euille.

1. Patch: What one thing would you hope to accomplish, more than anything, if elected? 

Bill Euille: In Congress, I plan to use my bi-partisan experience and consensus-building skills to advocate for more job creation for the people of the 8th District. Job creation is essential to getting the economy moving again.


2. Patch: What makes your platform unique from the other candidates?

Bill Euille: I have served in an elected position and in community service for more than 35 years. As mayor of Alexandria for the last 13 years, I have dealt with our region’s issues and have provided constituent services. I have demonstrated that I have the proven leadership, experience and results to serve the people of the 8th District.


3. Patch: What is the biggest struggle you've ever overcome? 

Bill Euille: My story is an American story of beating the odds. I was raised by a single mother in public housing and I overcame poverty to become the first in my family to go to college. I started a business and entered public service at a young age. I have never forgotten my beginnings and I count it as an honor to serve all the people.


4. Patch: What has been your biggest achievement? 

Bill Euille: My biggest achievement was making history in 2003 by becoming the first African-American mayor of Alexandria in its 254-year history.


5. Patch: Who is your hero (political or otherwise)? 

Bill Euille: My Mother. She prepared me to be the person I am today by providing me with the values and inspiration to give back and make a difference in our society.


6. Patch: What to you, is one of the most distinctive qualities about the community of the 8th congressional district? 

Bill Euille: The diversity of the community. The 8th district is composed of highly educated voters from a vast array of backgrounds. It would be my honor to serve the people of this great district.


7. Patch: How would you describe yourself in just three words? 

Bill Euille: Accessible. Humble. Effective.


8. Patch: What is your definition of success? 

Bill Euille: My definition of success is being able to work hard to develop your skills and then, to use those skills to serve others.

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Hawa Coulibaly May 30, 2014 at 08:39 AM
Great response to the questions... Another great candidate. I'm glad we have several qualified candidates to choose from. Also, he seems like a very good person.


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