Animal Control Report: Cat Released From Van

A look at some recent incidents in Alexandria.

Animal Control officers in Alexandria deal with a variety of calls every week. Here's a glance at some recent incidents in the city courtesy of Patrick Cole, the director of communications and outreach at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Cat in a van — On Feb. 8, an Animal Control officer was dispatched by the Alexandria Police Department to the 200 block of E. Mount Ida Avenue. The callers reported that their outdoor cat was locked inside a van parked on the street, and they had never seen that van in the neighborhood before.

The officer arrived on the scene, met with the callers and confirmed that they were the owners of the cat. Before opening the locked van, the officer requested an APD officer to be present. Before the officer arrived, the owner of the van approached the vehicle and unlocked it. The cat, which appeared to be in good health, was retrieved by the owners.

The owner of the van informed the officer that he was unloading items earlier that afternoon and the cat was in and out of the van. When the van owner finished unloading, he did not see the cat in the van so he closed and locked the doors.

Dog left outside — On Feb. 12, an Animal Control officer responded to a complaint of a dog barking outside in the unit block of W. Reed Avenue. The officer located the dog in the backyard and it was barking intermittently. Nobody was home and there did not appear to be a doggie door for the dog to enter the house.

The officer left a warning notice on the front door for the barking dog. The owner of the dog called the officer later that night and stated that her roommate was in a hurry and accidentally left without bringing the dog inside. The owner apologized and stated it was an accident.

Mardi Growl Gala set for March 8 — The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is hosting its third annual Mardi Growl Gala on March 8 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The gala is the AWLA’s largest annual fundraiser, and helps the organization continue to care for thousands of animals each year at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the event website. All proceeds benefit Alexandria’s homeless animals.

For more information about Alexandria Animal Control, visit the AWLA website.


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