New Bus Service Begins to Mark Center

Defense Department employees can ride free on some routes.

Alexandria’s DASH bus system and Metro plan to add new bus routes beginning Aug. 8 to help make commuting more efficient to the Mark Center BRAC complex.

Alexandria Transit Company will implement a new express bus service between the King Street Metro and Mark Center for the opening of BRAC-133. The Defense Department is paying for the service.

DASH has refurbished four buses that will be dedicated to the BRAC Express Bus Service. The Defense Department also will pay for the refurbishments. This new service coupled with the existing DASH AT2 route will provide 10 minute service frequencies between King Street Metro and Mark Center.

Additionally, Metro will implement a new Metrobus route, 7M, to run between the Pentagon and Mark Center. Metro also said in a statement that it plans to enhance several other routes in anticipation of the relocation of military personnel associated with the BRAC realignment.

“In an effort to improve transit service to this portion of Northern Virginia, we have developed a service plan that will provide reliable, frequent bus service for relocated workers,” said Jack Requa, Metro’s assistant general manager for Metrobus.

Defense Department employees also can ride for free on some Metrobus routes in these areas by showing their Mark Center ID card. Click on this link for a full list of which routes are free for Defense employees commuting to the Mark Center.


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