UPDATE: Del Ray's Artfully Chocolate Store Closing 'Temporary'

The store will close its doors after Sunday.

Artfully Chocolate is closing its doors, an employee confirmed Tuesday. Del Ray Patch photo
Artfully Chocolate is closing its doors, an employee confirmed Tuesday. Del Ray Patch photo
UPDATE, Wednesday, 2 p.m.: The closing of the Del Ray Artfully Chocolate store is temporary, according to a posting Wednesday on the store Facebook page. Closing of the store will allow the Purple Goose, a Del Ray consignment shop, to take over its space while the Purple Goose store is being renovated. The date of the reopening of Artfully Chocolate in Del Ray is "uncertain," according to the Facebook post.

Artfully Chocolate
is closing its doors at its Del Ray location after Sunday, April 20.

The store is located at 2003A Mt. Vernon Ave. The Carlyle store, at 506 John Carlyle St., also in Alexandria, will remain open, according to an employee at that location.

Artfully Chocolate got its start in Del Ray in 2006, funded with $30,000 that owner Eric Nelson raised himself, he told The Washington Post. He closed and started a second smaller store in Del Ray in 2008, according to the article. 

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Jennifer Atkins April 15, 2014 at 10:58 PM
Apparently, this article is incorrect. Here is what the owner posted on Facebook: Hi everyone. The rumor mill is very active. It is true that Artfully Chocolate (Del Ray) is closing but only temporarily. Our next door neighbor--Purple Goose--needed a space to move into for a couple months, because their building is being renovated and they needed a location to go for a while. In addition, I needed a bit of a break, because we are revamping the Old Town/Carlyle store to become a bistro/wine bar. If you haven't been there, we sell all the goodies that we have in Del Ray, plus a lot more--and soon we will be a creperie with a wine bar. It'll be great. But, we will be back in Del Ray a few months.
Lets_Go_Hawks! April 16, 2014 at 02:36 AM
Thanks for the clarification Jennifer!
Sarah haut April 16, 2014 at 12:39 PM
As the former co-chair of the DRCA Land Use Committee, I'd like to clarify some statements made in previous posts that are not accurate. First, the land use committee had no influence on Artfully Chocolate's decision to temporarily close, or A Show of Hands' decision to permantently close. Second, while the Land Use Committee may make a recommendation, the full DRCA membership votes to support or not support Special Use Permit Applications for businesses in Del Ray. The results of the membership vote are incorporated into a letter sent to City Council. Ultimately, it is City Council's decision to approve or deny the application. Finally, the land use committee is roughly 10 volunteer members from the community, not two. If you have an interest in land use and the community, I encourage you to get involved with DRCA.
dandaman606 April 16, 2014 at 08:41 PM
I lived around the corner from Debauve and Gallaire a Paris landmark and the famous chocolatier to Marie Antoinette. I revisited there recently. The chocolates were cheaper than Artfully Chocolate. Little wonder Artfully is going under.
Paula Hoelzel April 17, 2014 at 08:33 AM
To Let's Go Hawks: The Purple Goose is only using it while they renovate their space and Artfully Chocolate was kind enough to allow us to move into his space temporarily while the work is being done. The Purple Goose is not a consignment store, it is a Unique Children's Boutique that sells high end children's lines and gifts and also has a small re-sale discount section. It is a store that has been on this avenue for over 35 years and has worked extremely hard to build the business, many times using their own funds to keep it going, and your negative comments are really not appreciated. If you are so concerned about Milk Shakes and Hot Chocolate, let's see you open up a shop and pay the high expenses of keeping a business on the avenue open year after year, especially after having the coldest winter in 20 years. Eric just had a double hip replacement, had a death in his family, had a new grand child and is adding a wine bar to his other location. He needed a break and we needed a temporary space, it is as simple as that!


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