Alexandria Renew Enterprises Awards Contract for New Facility

The new Nutrient Management Facility will be constructed on the west of the Alexandria Renew campus.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises has awarded a contract to Clark Construction Group and Ulliman Schutte Construction to oversee the building of a Nutrient Management Facility and related development on the west side of Alexandria Renew’s campus.

The facility will allow the wastewater treatment firm to better manage the biological treatment process that helps remove nitrogen from wastewater, according to the company.

The project consists of large, concrete rectangular holding tanks, a pump station, odor-control system and the electrical facilities to power the new equipment.

The initiative also will include construction of a new culvert bridge spanning Hooff’s Run to accommodate vehicular traffic between the main water cleaning site and the west plant site.

Renew Enterprises explains that nitrogen is the “primary culprit that fuels algae blooms in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. These blooms deplete oxygen and can result in massive “dead zones” where fish and other wildlife cannot survive.”

“We will work collaboratively with the community to proactively avoid any possible negative impacts associated with the construction, such as avoiding work on holidays and special events and doing our best to minimize vehicle noise,” said Renew Enterprises CEO Karen Pallansch in a statement. “For years, we have prided ourselves on being a good neighbor, and we will continue in that spirit during this important effort to help reverse the declining health of the Chesapeake Bay."


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