Where to Beat the Heat

With area temperatures rising, it's important to know where and how to stay cool.

Temperatures in Alexandria will continue to climb through the 90s and may hit 100 by the end of this week, according to local weather forecasters. High humidity may make the outside temperature seem even hotter.

Wednesday’s temperatures will be in the low- to mid-90s, but it will feel close to 100 by late afternoon.

The D.C. metro area could see record-breaking heat on Thursday and Friday, as temperatures climb up above 95 with high humidity. The record high temperature for Thursday is 104 degrees and for Friday is 103 degrees—both set in 1926 near the area that is now Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Temperatures will cool back into the lower 90s for Saturday and Sunday. 

The overnight hours will only bring limited relief, with temperatures between 75 and 80 Wednesday through Saturday nights.

Through Tuesday, temperatures in the Washington metro area soared to 90 degrees or higher on 13 days in July and nine days in June.

Where to Stay Cool

If you're looking to stay cool in Old Town, make a visit to the air-conditioned stacks of  on Queen Street.  on Wythe Street is also a good option.

Old Town Pool, located at 1609 Cameron Street, is open from noon to 7 p.m. Admission fees are listed here.

In Del Ray, make a visit to or , both located on Commonwealth Avenue.

Warwick Pool, located at 3301 Landover Street, is open noon to 7 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. Admission fees are listed here.

“There is plenty residents can do to stay cool, such as visiting a local library, taking in a movie, strolling through a shopping center, or visiting a community recreation center or senior center that is air-conditioned,” Merni Fitzgerald, Fairfax County government director of public affairs, wrote in an email to Patch. “Fairfax County has many air-conditioned facilities where residents can conduct county business, get educated or be entertained. Resting for just two hours in air conditioning can significantly reduce heat-related illnesses.”

Additional Tips

Certain people are more susceptible to heat-related illness, including the elderly, young children and people who are sick or disabled. These groups should take special precautions when the mercury rises.

Older adults, however, may ignore heat warnings because they don’t consider themselves old, according to recent reports from MSNBC.

  • If you don’t have air conditioning, try to stay on the lowest floor of a building and stay out of the sun.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated—a key component to keeping yourself cool.
  • Dress in light colored, lightweight clothes.
  • Try to spend the hottest part of the day in an air-conditioned location, such as your local library, movie theater or mall.

Speaking of movie theaters, the crowds are a little smaller for local showings of the summer blockbuster “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 2.” Showtimes for Harry Potter and other movies at the Regal Kingstowne 16, the AMC Hoffman 22 in Alexandria and the Regal Potomac Yard 16 are available online.

Cooling Assistance

Both Fairfax County and the City of Alexandria offer cooling assistance programs designed to help residents with electric bills and the purchase of air conditioners and fans.

Alexandria City residents may call 703-746-5918 to get more information on the City’s Fan Care program or visit the Virginia Department of Social Services Energy Assistance Program website.

Fairfax County residents may click here for more information.  

Keeping Pets Cool

Pets should not be left outside on very hot, humid days. Even with shade and water, pets, like people, can overheat.


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