Simpson Dog Park To Temporarily Close

Demolition of restroom facility will close dog park for three days.

The public restroom and storage facility at will be demolished starting Monday. As a result of the work, the Simpson dog park will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A facility will be rebuilt as part of an agreement between the City of Alexandria and Potomac Yard Development LLC to build . No city funds are being used in the demolition and construction of the new building.

The new facility will have the same footprint and location as the current building. It will provide “modern restroom facilities as well as additional functionality for city maintenance crews,” according to a release from the city.

When the dog park reopens on Thursday, the unleashing entrance will be in a temporary new location for the duration of construction of the new building. Temporary restroom facilities will also be made available.

The city reminds park users to use extra caution in moving around the construction site. Work will be performed during the daytime.

DelRayRez March 17, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Related to this, can anyone explain why they didn't put an access gate to the new soccer fields adjacent to the (limited) parking on Monroe Avenue? Seems like an oversight to me.
McBrinn March 17, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Whoever designed/planned the stretch of Monroe between Main Line and Dewitt (basically from under the bridge to Giant) ought to be tarred and feathered. There are at least 4 soccer fields there. Simple math. Twenty two kids per game x 44 parents x 4 simultaeneous games means how many cars circling for parking each Saturday morning? Then there's the MASSIVE apartment building going in behind Gold Crust. Good luck getting to Rt 1 or the Parkway Del Ray! Every single planner I know is absolutely amazed at what's being shoved down our throats.
McBrinn March 17, 2012 at 02:49 PM
And before anyone suggests that those cars will simply use the Giant parking lot, consider two things: 1- I've been told that Giant and CVS will aggressively tow non-shoppers once this becomes an issue. 2-That lot only has 90 spaces. So even if Giant and CVS had allowed the lot to be used, you're still looking at an overflow of approximately 100 cars. Where will those cars park? Why this hasn't been addressed is beyond me. It's so asinine that it seems like a deliberate slight to those of us on east Nelson.


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