Port City Dispatches: Potomac Yard Metro, Old Dominion Boat Club and Vola Lawson

A look back at the week's biggest stories concerning Alexandria.

A snow bunny at Oronoco Bay Park, Dec. 10, 2013. (Photo credit: Drew Hansen)
A snow bunny at Oronoco Bay Park, Dec. 10, 2013. (Photo credit: Drew Hansen)

Here are some of the week's important, interesting and fun stories concerning Alexandria and its people.

From Alexandria Patch sites:

City Examining Moving CSX Tracks to Accommodate Potomac Yard Metro Station — By Drew Hansen

What city officials are calling the most complicated project facing Alexandria appears to be getting even more problematic.

Waylaid by issues related to constructing the preferred option for a Potomac Yard Metro station, including encroachment onto National Park Service land along the George Washington Memorial Parkway and a scenic easement in the north end of Potomac Greens, Alexandria officials are now examining moving the existing CSX tracks through the area to accommodate a station.

The city has delayed its environmental impact study of three station alternatives—two at-grade stations east of the CSX tracks and a third aerial station to the west of the tracks—as it sorts through some of the issues facing the project.


From elsewhere:

Duo Sees Land Swap as Possible Waterfront Compromise — By Derrick Perkins, Alexandria Times

Could solving the longstanding dispute over the Old Dominion Boat Club’s waterfront parking lot be as simple as a land swap? Christine Bernstein and Jody Manor think so.

The pair’s plan would see City Hall trade the weatherworn Beachcomber building for the entirety of the boat club’s property at the foot of King Street. The deal would let officials transform an area they describe as the crown jewel of a redeveloped waterfront.

At the same time, the private group would have the opportunity to build a new riverside clubhouse just a few blocks away.

“We were trying to think of a compromise, so we didn’t have so much civic acrimony,” said Bernstein, who serves alongside Manor on the city’s waterfront commission. “We felt that there had to be a better solution.”



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