Port City Dispatches: Jim Moran Retires, Confederate Street Names, 'Shacking Up' and King Street Car Dealers

A look back at the week's biggest stories concerning Alexandria.

The Appomattox statue on S. Washington Street. (Photo credit: Drew Hansen)
The Appomattox statue on S. Washington Street. (Photo credit: Drew Hansen)

Here are some of the week's important, interesting and fun stories concerning Alexandria and its people.

From Alexandria Patch sites:

Alexandria Council Takes First Step in Eliminating Law Requiring Confederate Street Names — By Drew Hansen

Alexandria City Council took steps Tuesday to erase some outdated and superfluous sections of the city’s code, including a rule that some new streets, “insofar as possible,” bear the names of Confederate military leaders.

An ordinance introduced Tuesday drafted by Councilman Justin Wilson also calls for striking a section of code that penalizes “any persons, not married to each other, lewdly and lasciviously” associating and cohabitating.

The ordinance will be subject to a public hearing on Jan. 25. 

“One of the consequences of a very old city is that we have a lot of very old laws,” Wilson said. “This is an opportunity to clean up some of these old laws.”

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More from Patch:

From elsewhere:

ACPS Fee Hike Forces Cancellation of Little League Winter Clinic — By Erich Wagner, Alexandria Times

Young ballplayers will have nowhere to brush up on the fundamentals this winter. Alexandria Little League canceled its offseason baseball clinic after a public school gym raised rental fees by five times the rate charged last year.

Sterling Gilliam, president of the youth baseball program, said the group was planning a second winter clinic for children this month, with help from T.C. baseball head coach Jim Blair. But when he went to Alexandria City Public Schools to reserve time at the gym, he was informed that rates had jumped from $50 per hour to $285.

“We penciled it out, but we could not make it fiscally doable by absorbing that fee — it was just too much,” Gilliam said. “If we wanted to still have it in Alexandria, we would have had to pass along those costs to the players and their families.”

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