Old Dominion Boat Club Agrees to Sell Land to City of Alexandria

Agreement apparently ends long dispute, opens way for expanded waterfront development.

The Old Dominion Boat Club (Patch file photo.)
The Old Dominion Boat Club (Patch file photo.)

The decades-old dispute over a half-acre parking lot and clubhouse on Alexandria's waterfront has apparently ended, with the Old Dominion Boat Club agreeing to sell its property and avoid eminent domain and more legal battles.

The agreement opens the way for further development of the Potomac River waterfront, with plans to build a park as the centerpiece on the Dominion land.

The agreement gives the club $5 million in exchange for both its parking lot and clubhouse, and allows the club to build a new clubhouse in the nearby Beachcombers building. The deal also allows 45 surface parking spaces and a new boat ramp, piers and slips.

“I think we’re happy we’ve started on the road to put this thing to rest,” club President Richard Banchoff told The Washington Post, which reported 60 percent of the club's 400 members voted to accept the deal.

“That’s very good news,” said Mayor William D. Euille (D), who has worked on the issue for 10 years. “Even though I know how difficult and challenging it was for ODBC members, and the city, it ends up being a win-win. . . . I’m tickled to death.”

A precise contract will be drawn before the sale is final.

The disputed property is located where the commercial activity of King Street meets the civic activities of the Waterfront, resulting in a natural gathering spot for members of the public and, potentially, the principal hub of pedestrian activity for all of Old Town. For this reason, the Waterfront Plan identifies this location for a new public plaza where these activities can take place.

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OT insider April 01, 2014 at 08:43 PM
This "we're turning Old Town into National Harbor" BS is getting really tiresome. In this thread we're talking about tearing down fences and ripping up asphalt parking lots to create more open space, so what are you talking about????? Again, if you're against changes that will make Old Town more appealing to outsiders, just say so. But please stop the hyperbole and ridiculous rhetoric!
JamesOnThePotomac April 02, 2014 at 05:28 PM
OT Insider 1) The chain link fence was put up by the city and when the ODBC tried to offer a more visually attractive fence, the A-&*^%s on the COA CC said no. 2) The whole design of the Waterfront Plan was to increase density and attack more and more tourists, cars, and residents. When the good people of Old Town proposed more open spaces and less density, once again the A-&*^%s on the COA CC said no. 3) If you had bothered to do some homework, you'd know about items 1) & 2)
OT insider April 08, 2014 at 10:10 PM
LOL, I've done my "homework" JOTP. I know that it hurts for you to realize that many people who live in Old Town support the ODBC changes on the waterfront - and that the city has done a great job with this. Bring it on!!!


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