Alexandria Man to Attempt 'The Metrothon'

Steve Ander plans to document a day-long Metro ride through every stop on the transit system.

Metro station (Patch file photo)
Metro station (Patch file photo)

On Saturday, an Alexandria man will attempt what he is calling “the Metrothon”—a day-long Metro train ride that includes visits to all 86 stations in Virginia, DC and Maryland, posting photos of each stop on Twitter and then hightailing it back to his starting point before service ends for the evening.

Why would anyone attempt this?

Well, for one thing, Steve Ander is fond of the region’s rail-transit system.

“I actually do love the Metro,” said Ander, a government research consultant.

It’s also a New Year’s resolution, albeit a peculiar one.

Early Saturday morning, Ander will drive to the Franconia-Springfield station from his residence in Old Town to begin his journey just as trains begin running at 7 a.m.

He hopes to make it back to his car before system the system closes early Sunday.

“I wanted to see if it could be done and how fast,” he said.

Ander will get off at each stop, exit the station through the turnstile, snap a photo of station pole and then hop back on. It's an effort similar to the DC Metro Challenge, though Ander will actually exit the station at each stop.

In July 2013, a young couple posted photos of themselves at all 118 Manhattan subway stations in a single day.

Ander will document his efforts on Twitter at @Metro_nomad and use the hashtag "#metrothon."

“I think it's doable,” he said.

Thankfully for Ander’s sake, the Silver Line to Tysons Corner isn’t expected to open until the spring.

RJ January 02, 2014 at 06:57 PM
Good luck, all lines will be doing major track work this weekend.
Joe January 03, 2014 at 09:43 AM
Love the enthusiasm, but with trains running every 20 minutes on almost all lines, the Orange, Blue, and Green, and Yellow lines alone will take 22 hours to do this (20 mins at each stop, and 10 mins where lines overlap.)
Jeff Yutzler January 03, 2014 at 11:00 AM
If you don't do the stops in order it is much easier. It still might not be possible but it is more likely. That said, I'm not sure why he didn't try this on a weekday with shorter headways.


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