Alexandria Animal Control Report: Bat Suffers Through Dog Day Afternoon

Plus, a snake rescue at Ben Brenman Park.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

Animal Control officers in Alexandria deal with a variety of calls every week. Here's a glance at some recent incidents in the city courtesy of Patrick Egan of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

If “bat” don’t beat all — One bat sure had a tough couple of hours this week in Alexandria.

On Oct. 29, an Animal Control officer was dispatched to the unit block of Monticello Boulevard after a resident reported their young puppy discovered a bat lying in the grass.

The resident covered a bat with a dog bowl while waiting for the officer to respond.

Upon arrival, the officer tapped on the bowl and noticed the bat was responsive and moving.

When the bat was uncovered, it flew into the sky only to be intercepted by a Cooper’s hawk. The bat and hawk flew circles around each for more than a minute before the bat was able to evade the raptor’s pursuit. 

Snake in the grass — On Oct. 24, an Animal Control officer was on foot patrol around the lake at Ben Brenman Park when he spotted an eastern water snake entangled in some green, plastic garden netting.

Once the snake was brought to the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter, the snake exhibited some exposed muscle and missing scales from being caught in the netting for some time.  

The otherwise healthy snake was transferred to Arlington’s Long Branch Nature Center for rehabilitation.

For more information about Alexandria Animal Control, visit the AWLA website.


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